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For Employers, in order to provide the best service for your company
  • All our advertisements are placed in the most substantial newspapers, magazines and Internet in the market;
  • We possess a comprehensive database of candidates from various industries.
  • NO CHARGE for any preparation having been done by us until successful placement.
We guarantee the quality of our applicant, for everyone we refer.
For further details, please contact our professional consultants today.
For candidates, who sign on with Aries,
  • Your personal information will be kept strictly confidential;
  • If one of our current job opening matches with your resume, we will contact you to discuss details of the job opening and consult whether you may have an interest in the position offer from our clients.
  • Your information/ resume will not be submitted for a current job opening without prior consent, and there is never any fees charged to you.
  • Candidates are welcome to seek career advice or discuss job prospects with our professional consultants.